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Holistic Nutrition

Holistic Nutrition


“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” - Hippocrates.

As a holistic nutritionist I work by guiding each of my clients along their own individual path to wellness and balance through diet, supplement and lifestyle adjustments. I recognize nutrition and an active lifestyle to be fundamental to balanced health and to be crucial elements of any approach to healing and wellness. 

Holistic nutritionists understand that symptoms are messages sent by the body in response to a deeper imbalance. By identifying and addressing the root cause of a symptom rather than simply focusing on the symptom itself, a deeper level of healing becomes attainable.   

Introductory Consultation 1hr ($85)

  • Assess current food and lifestyle choices through intake forms and dialogue
  • Individualized diet and recipes, supplement and lifestyle recommendations to encourage a mindful, enjoyable, and nutritious eating practice

Continued Consultations- 45min - 3 to 5 weeks after initial consult - ($60)

  • Continued instruction and support to help you continue on your journey to health
  • Review of progress
  • Assessment of changes

Consultation Packages

  • Initial Consultation + 2 Follow-Up Meetings ($175)
  • Initial Consultation + 5 Follow-up Meetings - ($350)

Cooking Instruction ($90 for 90 Minutes)

  • In-home cooking instruction for you and/or your family members(recommended for those with restricted diets)

Individualized Menu Planning (starting at $65)

  • An individualized menu plan, specific to your lifestyle, cooking abilities and taste preferences
  • Recipes are included

Kitchen cupboard clean up - 1hr ($60)

  •  I will come into your home and together we will go through your cupboards and refrigerator in order to pinpoint what stays, what goes and why.
  • Together we will develop a grocery shopping list that is tailored to you.

Grocery Store Tours - 1 hr ($60)

  • Get to know your grocery store with a holistic nutritionist as a shopping companion so you can ask questions about any food products you purchase, learn to read food labels properly, modify your grocery list to a healthier version, and gain insight on the ins and outs of commercial branding.