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Holistic Nutrition

My name is Jesse Manderson and I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (R.H.N.). I live in Denver, CO with my amazing wife, Lyndsey and our two beautiful little girls. I earned my R.H.N. designation from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in Vancouver, BC in early 2013, but my passion for nutrition began in the late 90’s when I shifted to a plant based diet. Over the past 18 plus years I have never looked back and this dietary change has continued to be nothing short of transformative for my life. Plant based living has given me a love for nutrition that continues to grow and evolve to this day and ultimately drove me to seek out a career in the nutrition field. 

I firmly believe that natural nutrition is the foundation of our overall health and wellness and that eating a diet rich in nutrient dense plant based foods is the best way to nourish, balance and heal the body. I also hold a deep belief that the healing potential of food concerns much more than simply what we eat. Variables such as digestion, gut health, stress and energy levels, emotional wellness as well as how much sleep and exercise an individual is getting, all play crucial roles in our personal potential for nutritional healing. A holistic approach is a vital component to maximizing the wellness of any individual. I work with clients on an individual basis to help educate and guide them on their own specific path towards improved health and wellness.

Together we will work towards unlocking your body’s wellness potential and achieving your own personal health goals through personalized sets of diet, supplement and lifestyle recommendations. Although I personally endorse a completely plant based diet for myriad of reasons, I in no way expect anyone to adopt such a dietary regimen. Simply eating more plants and building on that philosophy is the idea. Even if such a diet is your ultimate goal I always emphasize a slow and steady approach to achieving any goal in order to avoid unnecessary stress, strain or shock on the mind and body. Over time we will build a tailored new diet and lifestyle plan geared to address your specific concerns and intentions. Overall, I emphasize that this process be one of positive self discovery that will fan your spark and focus your passion for improving your own well being. The act of eating should be a joyful, simple, relaxed experience and not one overshadowed and governed by strict rules and penalties. By grasping a new understanding and learning to be more aware and intuitive about food and how it can affect your overall sense of well-being, a new, more balanced physical and emotional relationship with these foods can emerge.

Typically, I meet and consult with my clients wherever they feel most comfortable. We most often meet at coffee shops, restaurants, parks or at their homes. I currently do not work out of a fixed office but meeting me at my home is also an option. Please contact me by email anytime with questions or to book an appointment. I look forward to speaking with you.